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Please apply for the August 2019 Stand and See Fellowship program and study tour! Applications are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on December 15, 2018. We will inform finalists for the Fellowship program of their status in January, 2019 in order to schedule a time for a FaceTime/Skype interview.

Our August 2019 Fellowship study tour will depart for the Holy Land from Newark International Airport on August 19, 2019, on a flight scheduled for 2:15 pm. It will return to Newark International Airport on August 29th on a flight scheduled to arrive at 6:20 am.

Participants accepted to the Stand and See Fellowship program would be responsible for their domestic flights to and from Newark International Airport from their city of origin, a $1,000 application fee (which can be paid in two installments, after you receive notification of your acceptance), and spending money on the trip for some meals, incidentals, souvenirs, etc. They will likewise be required to fill out a medical waiver and trip waiver, in order to participate. Stand and See would then cover approximately $3,000 in additional travel and tour-related expenses per participant, as well as administrative costs incurred from planning the program.

This trip will focus on three major areas of the Holy Land: The Mediterranean, The Galilee, and the South (including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Mount Masada). We will begin with a day in Tel Aviv, seeing the modern state of Israel and spending our first night in the seaside city of Netanya. We will then travel to the Sea of Galilee and explore the places where Jesus spent many of his formative years and spread his message. We will have the opportunity to stay right by the Galilee, in the city of Tiberias, for two nights. We will then travel south to Jerusalem for five nights and trips to Bethlehem, Mount Masada, the Jordan River, and the sacred sites within Jerusalem itself. Highlights include time in the Church of the Nativity, Church of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa, and Western Wall. Details of the trip are subject to change, but we aspire to see all of this, and much more. We hope that all participants return with a love of the Holy Land, appreciation for the modern State of Israel, and respect for the Palestinians and their national aspirations.

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This whole application should not take you more than 30 - 60 minutes. It should not stress you out, but it should make you think. There are no wrong answers. We are seeking a diverse array of participants, so however you respond is welcome, as long as it is forthright and respectful. To begin with, you are welcome to write an (optional) intention for your application.
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